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Updated October2023
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Curraross, Curracity, Farrankeal & Tobermaing

Dave Fleming & Catherine O'Connor Family

Dromultan & Mount Scartaglin

Dave Ned O'Connor & Kate Leary

Dave Ned O'Connor & Kate Leary

Shanawillen & Kilsarcan


John 'Jack-Bill'- Costello & Mary Crowley Family

Mount Scartaglin, Gortloss & USA  

James & Con with Kate 'Jim' O'Leary

Kate Leary, O'Leary's & Mgt Sullivan-Flynn


Mount Scartaglin 

Jerh Leary 1894-1923

Jerh Leary 1894-1923



Monument in Scartaglin to Jerh Leary

Monument in Scartaglin to Jerh Leary

Farran, Kilcusnan, Cordal  & NZ

GL3Daniel & M.Behane O'Connor- Sons NZ 1909


Farran, Gortloss & San Francisco

Bryan O'Connor's Store in San Francisco

Bryan O'Connor's Store in San Francisco 1906.

Farran, Kilcusnan 

T.B O'Connor's 1884 NZ All Blacks Rugby Team.

T.B O'Connor's 1884 NZ All Blacks Rugby Team.

Daly, Lyre Killeentierna

Mary,Minnie & Bart Daly - Lyre

TheDepartmentStoreMuseum BruceKopytek

O'ConnorMoffatt&Co BAK Architecture


BOOK: O'ConnorMoffattCo 1866-1929

'ThroughTheYears' - O'ConnorMoffatt&Co

Tim Horgan's


K Casey/Aponick & E Casey


By Jim O'Connor


By Lyne & Fleming


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