Family: Scanlon

Two Separate Scanlon Family Lines

There are two Separate Scanlon Family Lines attached to our Ancestry:

  1. Scanlon Knockafrechane Brosna
  2. Scanlon Woodlands Currans Killeentierna

Both Scanlon Families appear to have distinct Family Ancestry and we have made no connection between them as yet.

Scanlon Knockafrechane Brosna
James 'Jim' Jeremiah O'Leary Married Hanna Scanlon from Knockafreachane Brosna 1894 Feb 6th at Brosna. They lived at Mount Scartaglin.
Hanna Scanlon's links are to the Family O'Leary Mount Scartaglin.
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Scanlon Woodlands Currans Killeentierna
A sister to Edmund O'Connor Dromultan, Hanora O'Connor Married John Batt Scanlon from Woodlands. 
Johnny Batt Scanlon links are to the Family of O'Connor Dromultan and there are also close links to the Family O'Connor Farran Currans and Cordal.
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More on the Scanlon Family Ancestry to be added here very soon!!