Scanlon: Woodlands & Farran Currans

Two Scanlon brothers (A&B) married two O’Connor sisters (Daughters of John 'Sean-Bui' & Margaret 'Kenny' O'Connor)
A) Bartholomew ‘Batt’ Scanlon and Margaret O’Connor. Md ?
Bartholomew ‘Batt’ Scanlon & Margaret O’Connor who lived at Woodlands had the following Children:

  1. -Fr Batt Scanlon
  2. -Fr James Scanlon
  3. -Johnny Batt Scanlon who Md Hanora O’Connor Dromultan in 1887.
  4. -Patrick 'Paddy-Batt' B1862Apr12 Sponsor at Baptism: Bartholomew Scanlon & Hanora Connor. Md Ms O’Connell. Died in Ardfert? Farmed 100 Acre Farm at Ardfert.

Johnny Batt Scanlon Md Hanora O’Connor, Dromultan in 1887 
Hanora was a Sister to Edmond & David O'Connor and Aunty to Dave Ned O'Connor Dromultan.
Md 1887Feb22 , they had the following Children:

  1. -Bartholomew (Bertie) B1888
  2. -Margaret B1890
  3. -Hanora B1892
  4. -James B1895
  5. -Ellie/Nellie B1896
  6. -Elizabeth B1897
  7. -David B1902
  8. -Maurice B1904
  9. -Eddie B1905

B) James 'Batt' Scanlon and Mary O’Connor.   
Md at KIlleentierna Parish church 1845Feb03. Witnesses: Bartholomew Scanlon and John Connor.  
They had the following Children:

(Irish Genealogy Site)
(Hanora B1846May28 Baptismal Sponsor: Maurice Connor & Ellen Scanlon) Immigrated to NZ, Md John Maurice Flynn.
(Patrick B1848Mar2 Baptismal Sponsor: Thomas Scanlon & Mary Connor) Immigrated to USA. Md Delia Bridget O'Rourke in Massachusetts. 
(Margaret B1850May29 Baptismal Sponsor: Bartholomew Scanlon & Catherine Connor) Immigrated to NZ, Md Edmond Sullivan.
(John B1853May30 Baptismal Sponsor: John Connor & Hanora Connor) Immigrated to NZ, Johnny 'Jim' Md Ms O'Connell. 
( Mary BC1854 ) Immigrated to NZ, Md John Cronin 1880
(James B1856Mar08 Baptismal Sponsor: Brian Connor & Mary Scanlon) Immigrated to NZ,
(Michael B1858Sep23 Baptismal Sponsor: Daniel Fleming & Margaret Connor) Md Ms O'Connor. Died at Springhill, Ballymacelligott.
(Catherine B1865Dec29 Baptismal Sponsor: Bartholomew Scanlon & Margaret Scanlon) Was it Catherine who Md Murphy Dulaig. Family now Extinct?

Reference to Patrick Maurice Brian O'Connor Ancestral Report.

  1. -Johnny-Jim Md Ms O'Connell
  2. -Michael-Jim Md O'Connor. Died in SpringHill BallyMacElligott.
  3. -Scanlon Daughter Md O'Sullivan Ballyfinane. (Brother of Former Bishop Charles O'Sullivan of Kerry) Family now Extinct.
  4. -Scanlon Daughter Md Murphy Dulaig. Family now Extinct.

C) Did James Batt and John Batt Scanlon,Woodlands have a Brother Thomas who Md a Catherine Connor in 1850Jan25. Lived at Farran.
They had the following Children:

(Irish Genealogy Site)
(John B1850Dec15 Baptismal Sponsor: Daniel Connor & Alice Evans)
(MaryB1855Sep28 Baptismal Sponsor: Timothy Dennehy & Hanora Scanlon)
(Hanora B1857Dec04 Baptismal Sponsor: Maurice Connor & Hanora Scanlon)
(James B1862Apr24 Baptismal Sponsor: Bartholomew Scanlon & Mary Morris)
(Michael B1864Oct08 Baptismal Sponsor: James Scanlon & Margaret Scanlon)
(Bartholomew B1867Jan28 Baptismal Sponsor: James Scanlon & Margaret Scanlon)
(Elizabeth B1869Feb23 Baptismal Sponsor: Denis Connor & Mary Connor)
(Catherine B1871May01 Baptismal Sponsor: James Scanlon & Hanora Burke)
(Ellen B1873May28 Baptismal Sponsor: Margaret Connor & NR)