Family Daly: Kilcummin & Killeentierna

Mary and Bart Daly & Daughter Minnie

Updated 10/05/2020

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Daly Lyre Homestead



Updated 24/05/2020
Thanks to Jack Burke (Mount-Merion, Dublin) and Shiela Daly Maguire (Currow) for sharing the following fabulous material on Family Daly Kilcummin and Killeentierna. Jack Burke has done fantastic research and compiled his Ancestral material relating to the Daly Family in an extraordinary fashion. Very thankful Jack for sharing your research. You can be extremely proud of yourself! Well done Jack & Tank You. 

The Dalys of Kilcummin and Killeentierna
It is believed that this line of the Daly family, originally known as Ó Dálaigh, originated in Donegal, and then settled in Bandon, County Cork, in the 1600s. They were then evicted from Bandon, and settled in Killarney, before moving to the McCarthy-Kilcummin area, and on to Gurteenroe. Gurteenroe is where our earliest known named Daly ancestors hail from.

These aforementioned Daly ancestors were William Daly and his wife Eileen Cummane. They were both born around the 1780s. It is known that William Daly had a first cousin called William O’Daly, who lived at Gurrane, Ballyfinane. Beyond that, very little is known about this first generation. William and Eileen Daly had at least four children, who have living descendants today numbering in the hundreds, if not thousands. They were – Bartholomew (Batt), William (Liam), John (Jack), and Ellen.

These four Daly siblings each went their own way, settling in different areas of the Killarney region. Batt settled in Rossanean, Liam settled in Lyre, Jack settled in Dooneen, and Ellen settled in Tournalough. It appears that these siblings did well for themselves, and the Dalys had larger farms and were more prosperous than most Kerry people at the time. Batt and Jack Daly have many descendants, however Liam Daly never married, and it is unknown if Ellen Daly’s only child, William Landers, ever had issue.

Adding Daly Family Ancestral Charts Soon!

Adding Daly Family Ancestral Charts Soon!

Adding Daly Family Ancestral Charts Soon!

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GL1 William Daly & Eileen Cummane - Gurteenroe

GL2 - John Daly & Hanora O'Daly - Dooneen

GL2 - Bartholomew Daly & Julia Breen - Lyre

GL3 - Bartholomew Daly & Mary Keane - Lyre Killeentierna