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Costello Ancestry:

Lieut Col Con 'William 'John-Jack Bill' William Walter' Costello researched and compiled a magnificent 21 page document on his Costello Family Ancestry. This is his document 'Descendants of Walter Costello'. He also constructed a seven page Costello Family Tree document. Con worked in Military Intelligence and it shows. While reading these documents you can see that Con utilised his Intelligence experience and expertise.  It took enormous resource to research and compile these documents in such detail.

Sean 'Jerry' Costello (Sadly RIP recently) shared both documents with me when Sean and his lovely wife Sheila met with Nora Mai Fleming, Humphrey and John McMahon and I at Killarney during the summer-fall of 2014. He also shared his treasured picture of the Wedding Gathering on the Wedding Day of his Parents, Jerry Costello and Christina McCarthy on September 1942. 

From Con's documents we see that in 1853 GL0 Walter Costello is recorded at Shanawillen. Shanawillen (Sean Mhuileann - Old Mill) is a Town land near Kilsarcan and Ranaleen.

Information courtesy of David Costello, Castleisland (David Costello Footwear 72 Main St Castleisland) and Humphrey McMahon Kilsarcan - Walter Costello who Md Ms Coffee and Died 1876 at Shanawillen had moved to Shanawillen from Tylagh, O'Brennan, BallyMacElligott circa 1820's. There are no Costello Family Names recorded at Kilsarcan at the Tithe Applotment time circa 1827. Con ‘Jeremiah’ Costello captures this in his 21 page Document: ‘Descendants of Walter Costello’. ( Refer: Family Costello).

Information courtesy of Humphrey McMahon Kilsarcan, The first Costello at Kilsarcan was  the father of GL2 Jack Bill Costello, that was GL1 William Costello D1882 who Md Julia McCarthy. GL1 William Costello moved from Shanawillen to farm the land there at Kilsarcan that was previously rented by the Lyons family.

Generation Level Zero GL0. Family Tree: Walter Costello D1876 & Ms Coffee at The Costello House, The Old Mill Shanawillen.

GL0 Walter Costello D1876 & Ms Coffee

GL1. Family Tree: William ‘Walter’ Costello & Julie McCarthy

GL1 William 'Walter' Costello & Julie McCarthy

GL1. Family Tree: John ‘Jack’ Walter Costello & Elizabeth ‘Bessie’ Hogan

GL1 John 'Jack' Walter Costello & Bessie Hogan

GL1. Family Tree: Michael Costello & (1)Ms McAuliffe & (2)Ms Devane

GL1 Michael & Hanna McAuliffe/Margaret Devane

GL2 Family Tree: John ‘Jack Bill’ Costello & Mary Crowley, Kilsarcon.

Family Tree: Family of GL2 Jack Bill Costello & Mary Crowley, Kilsarcon.

Family Tree: Family of GL2 Jack Bill Costello & Mary Crowley, Kilsarcon.


Mary Crowley came from Mount Falvey.  
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Julia Costello Md Dave Dave Fleming at Farrankeal.
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GL3 Children of GL2 John ‘Jack-Bill’ Costello & Mary Crowley, Kilsarcon.

GL3 William 'Bill'        GL3 Cornelius 'Con'        GL3 Julia        GL3 Cannon Fr Michael

     GL3 Timothy 'Tim'        GL3 John 'Fr John'        GL3 Nora        GL3 Mary 'Minnie'     

       GL3 Jeremiah 'Jerry'        GL3 Margaret 'Mother Enda'       

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Costello Connections: MPSI Members of the GL0 Walter Costello Descendants and Relatives.

MPSI Members of the Descendants and Relatives of GL0 Walter Costello.

John McMahon B1888 – Shot Dead by the Black & Tans at Ballydwyer in 1920.

John McMahon B1888 – Shot Dead by the Black & Tans at Ballydwyer in 1920.
Only Child to his parents Michael McMahon and Ellen Geany who married at Knocknagoshel Church in 1880.
John Lived at Droum. Shot at Ballydwyer – Ballymacelligott.
He married Mary McElligott at Clogher Church in 1918. They had two young daughters - Aileen & Frances - when their father John was shot in 1920.
John was a cousin to Patrick McMahon who married Minnie Costello B1899 (Twin of Nora Costello – Hannon B1899).
Humphrey and John McMahon Kilsarcon are cousins to John also.

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