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The Children of David Fleming & Catharine O'Connor, Curracity. Picture Taken at Castleisland.

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Fleming Family Curraross/Curracity/Farrankeal Ancestry

Fleming Ancestral Chart A by: Mick Fleming Bishopstown/Curracity

Fleming Ancestry

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In Relation to the townlands Curraross, Currabanefield (Barnfield), Curracnocaun, Curracity and Farrankeal - for the years 1859-1977 - we have sourced the Griffiths Valuation Revision Records from the Valuations Office in Dublin. Those documents are very informative and make for exciting reading.
We attach links to those documents at the base of the 'Griffiths & Tithes'  Page  HERE  - for you to explore with relevant maps for that period - in addition to the original 1853 Griffiths Maps for cross-reference which can be sourced below also. In the Revision Records. Look across to the 'Observation' column for the associated details and year of reference for that particular line event -

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Sincere thanks to Mick Fleming, Bishopstown Cork/Curracity Kerry('Mick-Davey-Mike-Davey') for your incredible ancestral research work over the years and now for sharing the fruits of your work. Some of Mick's extensive research work, with the assistance of your lovely wife Mary, is presented in the form of two magnificent large scale Ancestral Charts. These Charts are simply amazing pieces of detailed work and allow us to delve deeper and better understand the fantastic past and common lineage regarding our Ancestors. Thanks to Mick also for sharing those documents regarding our Fleming Ancestry. Mick's work is an incredible piece of research - and with Mick's guidance we will properly present and share this fabulous material with you here. Hopefully, our Fleming relations at home and abroad can 'enjoy the read' and share-in this material too.

Sincere Thanks to Historian John O'Connell Co Cork. We had little insight regarding our Fleming Ancestry associated directly with Ballyhennesy.  John has recently provided some material from his fantastic research work that may allow us to shed light into that aspect of our Ancestral past involving Co Cork. John has also worked with the fantastic Aubane Historical Society as did our Ancestor Canon Michael Costello DOB 1895 Kilsarcon.  Thank you kindly John. Appreciated.
As per below: We'll worth a Read..The AUBANE Historical Society Co. Cork researched a detailed document on the Butter Road by Jack Lane.

If you have and additional Ancestral material to add to our Ancestral pot we would be delighted to hear from you at

Ancestral Background: As far back as we can tell - our Fleming Ancestors originated from Kilcummin and then went and settled in Blarney/Ballyhennesy, Co. Cork and from there arrived at Killeentierna and also back to Kilcummin once again. Fr David Fleming (Scotland) only Son of David who was a brother of 'Mick Pats' - (Line of Patrick son of GL-1 John & Mary Nolan Fleming) did some research into his Fleming Ancestry. His papers are very interesting. He captures that his Uncle, Mick Pats (Curraknockaun/Cnocaun) told his nephew Fr David that 'Tradition has it that four Fleming brothers came from Cork'. P.J. Fleming 1936 has it that a Michael Fleming came to live at Killeentierna from Blarney ('Michael of Blarney' (MOB)) and married a Mac Carthy Lady there in Killeentierna. Mick Pats also is credited with saying that one of the first Flemings to Kilcummin from Ballyhennesy Co Cork was a Garrett Fleming whose Grand Headstone stands in the old Cemetery at Kilcummin (This Garret Fleming B1748 & D1812 Age64).
Were Michael of Blarney & Garrett of Ballyhennesy brothers? Who were the other brothers? Tradition also has it that Fleming Families who lived at Blarney/Ballyhennesy came originally from Kilcummin. To Cork possibly along the 'Butter Road'. Was it that the Michael's three brothers followed Michael afterwards to Kerry?

A Son of GL-2 David Fleming (Md Hanora Kerins Circa 1800) from Killeentierna was GL-1 John (Md Mary Nolan Kilcow 1824) who was very likely the first Fleming to 'rent' land and live at Curraross. GL-1  John appears to be the first Fleming in our line to inhabit close to the 'Southern Side' of Currow Hill at Curraross/Curraknockaun. From Curraross/Curraknockaun circa 1825, the Flemings extended and farmed land at Curracity circa 1850 and then from there Flemings bought land at Tobermaing Castleisland circa 1890/95 and lastly at Farrankeal circa 1900/05. The name Fleming does not exist at Curraross/Curraknockaun today but Fleming close descendants/relations are very prevalent there in the names of Browne, Casey and Sommers.

The Kerin Ancestral connections are interesting. Find out more: Kerin Family Ancestry

Over time, our direct Fleming Ancestral line seems to have taken this geographical path:
Kilcummin → Ballyhennesy/Blarney → Killeentierna & Kilcummin → Curraross → Curracity → Tobermaing and Farrankeal.
Flemings & Fleming descendants still inhabit those localities today.

Fleming Curraross Ancestry          Fleming Curracity Ancestry          Fleming Tobermaing Ancestry          Fleming Farrankeal Ancestry

We will soon add to these pages with Mick Fleming's material. 

Map:Estate of John Fleming

GL-1 John Fleming is recorded in the Tithe Applotment records as renting land at Curraross circa 1827.  (Refer Fleming Jno Curro Knockarse) At that time, records show GL-1 John Fleming rented land at Curraknockaun while a GL-2 David Fleming rented land at Curraross. Familiar Names like the name Crean are recorded then. This 'Estate of John Fleming' (GL-1 John) Map is from Mick Fleming's collection. Click on the Map Image to enlarge. Not alone can we view the extensive Estate and land holding of John Fleming, but this Map is incredible in that it captures and presents a sense of the 'way-of-life back then. Visible in this map are the Foot-Path trails ('Short-Cuts'), Foot Bridges, Stiles, Dwellings, Out-Houses, Boundary-Ditches and 'Cooleendrine' Fort. The Map captures the name of the Oughreagh (Deep-Dark-Water) River, Roads that existed then and noticeable points where roads end. At Farrankeal, one road ends on the east side just past the dwellings. This location point was known as 'The Black Gate', because when people died at Curraknockaun, their coffins were transported by pall-bearers along established foot-paths to reach where the road began at that point. While a lot has obviously changed in this landscape, remnants of some of the stiles, forts, dwellings and landmarks still remain. Click HERE to read about the History regarding this Map.

Fleming Ancestral Chart B by: Mick Fleming Bishopstown/Curracity

Ancestral Detail: Thanks to Mick Fleming's research: The traceable origins of our Fleming Ancestors go back to circa 1725 to Coolick in Kilcummin with links to the Butter Run and to Ballyhennessy / Blarney in County Cork. As documented in the full book ‘Genealogies of Old Kilcummin and Adjoining Parishes’ and the extract 'Michael Of Blarney'  by John Lyne & Padraig Pleimionn, in 1775, a son of GL-4 Mr Fleming Snr (Blarney), GL-3 Michael Fleming BCirca1750, (Originally Blarney Co. Cork) married a Ms. MacCarthy of Killeentierna. They lived at Killeentierna. Mr MacCarthy Snr who was GL-3 Michael Fleming's wife’s father was a 'Butter Agent' and he was in the habit of going to the Cork Butter Market on the 'Butter-Run'. On his trips, Mr MacCarthy Snr lodged in GL-3 Michael Fleming’s father’s house. As a considered suitable 'match' for his daughter, Mr MacCarthy Snr chose GL-3 Michael Fleming, the son of his host GL-4 Mr Fleming Snr. In the end, Mr MacCarthy Snr made the ‘match’ between GL-3 Michael Fleming and his MacCarthy daughter and gave Michael Fleming, Mr MacCarthy's farm at Killeentierna. Their (Michael Fleming & Ms MacCarthy) 'issue' was at least six GL-2 Fleming boys at their homestead in Killeentierna: Michael, James John, David, Thomas and Garret. Michael, James and John lived at Kilcummin. David, Thomas and Garret remained at Killeentierna and their descendants are very numerous in that Parish. It is significant those precise Fleming names are recorded in 1827 in the TA recorded documents as the only Flemings holding/renting land and residing at Killeentierna as follows:

Tithe Applotment (TA) Fleming Names at Killentierna 1827
Fleming-Gart     Ballybeg Lower            Killeentierna    Kerry   1827 (GL-2 Parkmore Flemings)
Fleming-David  Curro Ross                     Killeentierna    Kerry   1827 ( GL-2 )
Fleming-John(Jno) Curro Knockarse   Killeentierna    Kerry   1827 (GL-1, A Son of GL-2 David)
Fleming-Thos  Knockeenacalley East   Killeentierna    Kerry   1827 (GL-2)

GL-2 David Fleming's son, GL-1 John married Mary Nolan of Kilcow in 1824 and they lived at Curraross. John's son is GL0 David Fleming. GL0 David Fleming BAug1826/CensusB1831. He was born at Curraross to John & Mary Nolan Fleming. GL0 David lived at Curracity Killeentierna. He married Catherine O'Connor Farran-Currans and he is the most established recorded member of our Fleming family. Therefore for reference purposes and for bench marking additional generations - we categorised this David Fleming as Generation Level Zero (GL0). 

David 'Dave-Dave'Fleming & julia Costello

David or 'Dave-Dave' Fleming & Julia Costello (Farrankeal)

Click on the image above to read more on Julia Costello's Ancestry

The parents of GL0 David Fleming B1826/CB1831 (Census 1901) were GL-1 John Fleming and Mary Nolan of Kilcow, Currow. They married in 1824 and lived at Curraross and would have been born circa 1800. John and Mary Nolan Fleming are therefore GL-1 for our records. From ancestral evidence it seems the father of GL-1 John Fleming is a David Fleming. Assuming this David is GL-2 David Fleming of Currow born circa 1780. David married Hanora Kerins. We have constructed a family tree for GL-1 John Fleming and Mary Nolan and their family and also one for GL-2 David Fleming, his wife Hanora Kerins  and their family. Elements of the Family tree are configured from evidence of associated families of the Curracity/Farrankeal/Beenatavaun locality. Primary names in that locality were 'Brien' and 'Crean'. We learn a lot from the family occasions regarding those two local family names in that locality. The Crean Family lived around Farrankeal. A Nicholas Crean is recorded as Head of The Family at Farrankeal in 1901 aged 58. My Grandfather GL1 David Fleming (Dave-Dave) is recorded there at Farrankeal in 1901 aged 26 as a Cousin of Nicholas Crean. It is reported that this Nicholas Crean was married and died at Farrankeal. GL1 David Fleming had become Head of the Family at Farrankeal by 1911 as captured in the 1911 Census at Farrankeal. From the evidence, Catherine Fleming who is a sister to GL-1 John Fleming married a Nicholas Crean circa 1835. They had at least three children: Nicholas B1838, Mary B1844 and David B1848. This Nicholas Crean B1838 is most likely the Nicholas Crean recorded in the 1901 Census aged 58 at Farrankeal. So GL1 David Fleming and Nicholas Crean were indeed cousins. Another sister of GL-1 Catherine and GL-1 John Fleming who was Hanora, married a John Crean. They had three children, Julia, Cornelius and Hanora. Another GL-1 sibling, GL-1 Eleanor 'Ellen' Fleming married Charles Brien at Beenatavaun circa 1838. They had a large family of eight children – refer O’Brien Ancestry page. From the evidence GL-1 John and Mary (Nolan) Fleming lived in the locality Curracnockaun/Curraross. When you examine the Griffith Valuation documentation for the Curracity/Curraross locality circa 1853, a John Fleming (GL-1) resides as a Landowner at Curraross. Curraross is near to Beenatavaun where the Briens lived and close to Farrankeal where the Creans were prevalent. There was a close interaction between those three families circa 1825/1850. Refer to the Family Trees for more.

The AUBANE Historical Society Co. Cork researched a detailed document on the Butter Road by Jack Lane: Click HERE. Thanks to John O'Connell, Historian, Co Cork for sourcing this document. Starting on page 25 "The Butter Road" is a must read ! It refers to a John Murphy from Castleisland... An extract here:
“One of the most important and best recorded events concerning the area is the building in the mid-18th century of the 'Straight Road', or the 'Old Kerry Road', now better known as the 'Butter Road,' ……… It was one of the first planned and properly built roads in the country, as opposed to roads that simply developed from paths, tracks, etc It was built as a Turnpike Road, …………. This road was unusual in that all the construction and all the financing was carried out by an 'ordinary,' but extraordinary, individual named John Murphy from Castleisland. The gentry reckoned they could not do it themselves, that it was too big a project. They acted as Trustees and entrusted Murphy with the work. He raised all the money to build it and was to get it back from the tolls he organised on it. It was a risky business and so it proved for Mr Murphy. But before dealing with his problems it is useful to get an idea of the enormity of what he did….. “ Read more Click HERE.

GL0 David Fleming married Catherine O'Connor (Daughter of John Bui O'Connor & Margaret Kenny O'Connor, Farran, Currans.) in circa 1858. David & Catherine reared (12/13) Twelve surviving Children. GL1 Mary was the eldest B1860 while GL1 Mike was the eldest surviving Boy B1863 and Mike farmed the homestead. GL1 David Jr was born in 1874 and Patsy in 1871. Mike 'Dave' got the homestead at Curracity. When his cousin Nicholas Crean died, ‘David ‘Dave-Dave’ (Dave Jr) became head of the family at Farrankeal between 1901/1911. Mike 'Dave' married Hanora Scott circa 1897, around that time David Snr & Catherine 'O'Connor' Fleming purchased Land from Redmond Roche Esq. (A Farm & Old Mill near the Creamery) at Tobermaing. The Roches had owned the Mill close to the river near where the site of Tobermaing Creamery now lies. The Mill never worked properly so Redmond Roche bought Rhyno Mills and conducted his milling from there. David Snr and Catherine Fleming moved from Curracity to Tobermaing Castleisland (Pre 1901) with many of the sibling Fleming Family (Ellen, Julia, Patsy, Jim, Anne and Maurice). The Flemings moved into the old Mill House to live there. When Dave Snr died 17 June 1906, that Tobermaing farm was split in two between Patsy and Jim. Jim's only child, his daughter Kathy married William Drumm of Breahig and he in turn inherited Jim’s farm. When Jim died, the Mill was demolished and the stone was used to build a new house near-by. The Drumms live there today. Patsy 'Dave' built his own house at Tobermaing in 1908. The 'Patsy' Flemings live there today.  Dave Fleming Snr died there at Tobermaing on June 17th 1906. He was preceded in death by his wife Catherine O'Connor who died Apr 3rd 1899. David Jr married twice. He married Hanora Leen/Lane (Tullagubbeen, Fahaduff and Castleisland) in 1909 and then afterwards he married Julia Costello 'Daly'. They lived at Farrankeal. Hanora died young of a tumour, aged 43 on Apr 22nd 1922 and was buried on Apr 24th with her relations (At the Leanes & Fitzgeralds Plot) at Kilbannivane Cemetery.  Julia died aged 51 on 12th May 1945 and was buried at Kilcummin in the Fleming Family plot.

In the Griffiths Valuations Records 1853 the Fleming Name is not recorded as residing or holding/taking land at Curracity. A Martin Fleming is recorded then as a landowner at Farrankeal.

Work in Progress! We have updated our Ancestral Charts below as a result of Mick Flemings fantastic research. These Ancestral Charts are 'Drafts' for now and will no doubt contain some errors which over time we will amend and correct.

GL-3 Fleming Family Ancestry: Michael Fleming of Blarney / Ballyhennesy – Md Mac Carthy Killeentierna

Fleming Family Ancestry - GL-3 Michael Fleming of: Blarney (MOB)/ Ballyhennessy.

GL-2 Fleming Family Ancestry: Thomas Fleming (Son of MOB) Md Ellen Morris

Fleming Family Ancestry - GL-2 Thomas Fleming Md Ellen Morris . Headstone at Old Cemetery Kilcummin.

Click HERE: Read more on Thomas Fleming 'Tom Tom Mick'  (A la Moss Keane' 1996) B1891 D16/07/1921 in an accidental explosion at Glountane, Cordal during the troubles in 1921.

GL-1 Fleming Family Ancestry – John Fleming Curraross – Md Mary Nolan Kilcow 1824

Fleming Family Ancestry : GL-1 John Fleming & Mary Nolan Curraross

GL0 Fleming Family Ancestry: David Fleming & Catherine O’Connor, Curracity.

GL0 Fleming Family Ancestry: David Fleming & Catherine O'Connor, Curracity.

Click HERE: Read more on Maurice Fleming Curracity, Tobermaing and Brooklyn New York USA

GL1 Family Family Ancestry: Michael ‘Mike-Davy’ B1863-D1954 Md Hanora Scott Curracity

Fleming Family Ancestry - GL1 - Mike Davy B1863 D1954 Md Hanora Scott Curracity

Fleming Kilcummin Genealogy

Fleming Killeentierna

Complete Book

Many thanks to Batty Daly, Knockaderry for sourcing and sharing this book and many thanks to Eamon and Sheila Daly Maguire for providing valuable Fleming Ancestral jig-saw pieces to our 'Ancestral-melting-pot'.

Extract from this Book: 'Genealogies of Old Kilcummin and Adjoining Parishes' - ‘’Michael Fleming of Blarney Co. Cork married a MacCarthy of Killeentierna in 1775. Mr MacCarthy, his (Michael Fleming) wife’s father, was in the habit of going to Cork Butter Market, and he (Mr MacCarthy) used to stay in Michael Fleming’s father’s house. He (Mr MacCarthy) took a fancy to Michael Fleming, the son of his host. And he (Mr MacCarthy) made a ‘match’ between him (Michael Fleming) and his (Mr MacCarthy) daughter and gave Michael Fleming his (Mr MacCarthy) farm at Killeentierna.
Their (Michael Fleming & Ms MacCarthy) issue were - Michael, James John, David, Thomas and Garret. Michael, James and John lived at Kilcummin. David, Thomas and Garret remained at Killeentierna and their descendants are very numerous in that Parish.                                                                  
Is it David who Married Ellen Kerin that is GL-2 his son son John, who married Mary Nolan and lived at Curraross is GL-1.
John's son GL0 David Fleming married Catherine O'Connor from Farrandoctor, Currans.
Details on the Ancestry and Genealogy of the Flemings of Coolick, Kilcummin by John Lyne & Padraig Pleimionn (Genealogies of Old Kilcummin & Adjoining Parishes)

Brien ‘Beenateevaun’ Family Ancestral Detail

GL-1 Fleming sibling Eleanor 'Ellen' Fleming married Charles Brien from Beenatavaun and they lived there. They had eight children: Paddy, Charles, Michael-Charles, David, Mary, Catherine, William & Hannah. GL-1 Ellen Fleming was born close by at Curraknockaun/Curraross. Detail from the family occasions of the Brien Family including the recorded Baptism Sponsors and Marriage Witnesses provides valuable information to help in the compilation of the GL-2 & Gl-1 Fleming Family Ancestry details. This information is essential data in the determination of the ancestral trail that leads us along the 'Road To Farrankeal'. Brien Family Ancestry Here:

Brien Family Beenatavaun Ancestry Page


Project: Survey Old Cemetery Kilcummin


Crean Farrankeal/Killeentierna Family Ancestral Detail

Two Crean Brothers married two GL-1 Fleming sisters.

It is said that The Great Thomas 'Tom' Crean the Antarctic Explorer from Annascaul is a relation. (Yet to decipher the connection). More on Tom Crean.
Moss Keane wrote a note in 1996 that ...
‘’The Creans came originally from Farrankeal and were ancestors of Paddy Bats, Bradleys, & Butlers according to Mick Culloty. The family were evicted C1860 and the name disappeared from the locality. They were connected to the South Pole Crean in Annascaul’’

Crean Family Killeentierna Ancestry Page

Tom Crean & Jim Fleming

Tom Crean & Jim Fleming

Details on Graveyards, Headstones. Obituaries & Remembrances are located in the Documentation Section associated with each respective Family Name.

Fleming Curraross Ancestry          Fleming Curracity Ancestry          Fleming Tobermaing Ancestry          Fleming Farrankeal Ancestry

In time, we will add to these pages with Mick Fleming's material.