Ancestry: Brien Family, Beenatavaun.

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Thanks in particular to Tom Woulfe, Castleisland and to Billy Nolan Jewelry & Watches Store 14 Dominick St Tralee Co Kerry -  for sharing some fantastic Brien & Scollard Ancestral Material. Billy Nolan's Research is a fantastic and extensive piece of research work and it provides additional material to the existing and prior detail that we already had. We include aspects or Billy's work in this Ancestral website.

In 1838 GL-1 Fleming sibling Eleanor 'Ellen' Fleming married only son Charles Brien from Beenatavaun. They lived there. They had seven ten children. GL-1 Ellen Fleming was born close by around Curracity at Curraross. Detail from the family occasions of the Brien Family including the recorded Baptism Sponsors and Marriage Witnesses provides valuable information to help in the compilation of the GL-2 & Gl-1 Fleming Family trees. This information is essential data in the determination of the ancestral trail that leads us along the 'Road To Farrankeal'.

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Beenateevaun Ancestry Detail:

There is lots of additional data to add from the Casey/Healy Book & other sources...

The Townland name Beenatavaun means: Click HERE:

1825 Pat Brien as recorded on Griffiths Valuation as Landowner 254 Acres.
Paddy O'Brien came from Castlemaine. He married Mary Horan of Beenatavaun. She was a widow 1st marriage to Shaun Sullivan. Their son was Shaun Sullivan. Mary died before 1851 Census.
Paddy and Mary Horan Brien had an only child, Charles (B1814/15-D1863)
That only son Charles married Eleanora (Ellen) Fleming from Curraross B1818/19-D1881 on 25 Feb 1837/38.
Ellen was a sister to John Fleming who married Mary Nolan.
They lived at Curraoss. Those Femings are our Ancestors.

1838 Charles Brien Md Eleanor 'Ellen' Fleming on 25Feb1838
Witness: Patrick Brien & David Fleming
1) Paddy       B1838/39
2) Charles     B10Aug1840   Sponsors: Nicholas Crean & Catherine Fleming
He married Catherine Katie Hussey.
3) Michael 'Charles'     B18/C22Oct1842 D12 Nov 1901 Sponsors: Martin ? & Catherine Crean.
Thanks to Billy Nolan for sharing this material on Fr Michael C O'Brien (Picture).
Story: Fr Michael C O'Brien, Pastor of St Marys Bangor, Maine. Vicar General Portland Maine in 1893.
4) David        C01Apr1844   Sponsors: Patrick Barry & Hanora Fleming
5) Mary         B1848 md David Scollard, Knockeen, Castleisland 21Feb1871
6) Catherine 'Kate' B Circa 1848/49 D1943 married Daniel Healy B1848/49 Curraross. Farmed at Ballymacelligott.
7) William     B15Jan1852 D1935  Sponsors: Cornelius Crean & Ellen Price.
Married Ellen O'Brien from Tralee. Went to Boston.
8) Hannah    Md Mr Murphy. To NY USA. Died aged 26.
1877 Charles Brien Md Catherine Hussey. Md 27 Jan 1877
(Address as Ballygree)
Witness: Patrick Fleming & Cornelius Hussey
1) Ellen           B22Dec1877  Sponsors: Edward & Catherine Hussey
2) Catherine   B02Mar1879  Sponsors: Michael & Ann Sullivan
3) Charles      B07Jun1882   Sponsors: Cornelius & Ellen Hussey
D25Sep1942, 1910 married Julia Keane B1880 D 5Oct1966 from Crannie
4) Mary 'Mary Anne'  B01May1884  D3/07/1951 A67 Sponsors: Ellen Brosnan
Mary Md 23/02/1911 Daniel 'Dan' Sweeney D1954 A79 Ranaleen - Son of Denis
McSweeney ancestors ex Carkar - Eugene D1878 Md Mary O'Rahilly D1895
Buried at Kilsarcon. Her father Charles had died by then.
5) Julia           B10Nov1886  Sponsors: David & Catherine Fleming
6) Bridget       B06Feb1889  Sponsors: Bart' Hussey & Bridget Sullivan
7) Johanna    B11Apr1891  Sponsors: Jeremiah & Ann Sullivan
8) Michael      B06Apr1896  Sponsors: Michael & julia Fleming
1910 Charles Brien Md29/01/1910 Julia Keane
1) Charles     B06Dec1910  Sponsors: Maurice Keane & Mary Brien
 Or B07Dec1911 D05Jul1937
2) Kathleen B01Apr1912 DNov1992
3) Ellen (Lena) B1913 D1981 Married J Brounlie (Sergent) Scotland
4) Mary B1916 DNov2003 in London
5) Bridget B 13Aug1918 Lived in USA and London
6) William B09Feb1920 D17Jul1994
Married Margareta May. Lives Finchley London.
7) Hanna B07Aug1921 D1961.
Married John Daly Lyre Currow.
Children - Joan, Margaret, Sheila, Batty & Charlie.
8) Michael B07Dec1922 D25Dec1984
He farmed at Beenatavaun. Did not marry.
9) John B1924 D1988. 1952 married Brenda Connor
5 Children
Other Killeentierna Data: Not necessarily directly related ....
1804 James Brien Born to Patrick Brien & Julia Crowley 06Feb1804
1806 Daniel Brien Born to Patrick Brien & Julia Crowley 08Feb1806
1807 Edmund Brien Born to Patrick Brien & Julia Crowley Rathnaleen 28Aug1807 Sponsors: Daniel Kelly & M Brosnan
1807 Patrick McCarthy Born to Eugene McCarthy & Julia Brien 24Sept1807 Sponsors: Patrick Brien & J Crowley
1832 Patrick Brien Born to Edmund Brien & Catherine Morris 15Jan1832 Sponsors: Redmond Morris & Catherine Galvin
1832 Patrick Brien Md Catherine Brien (Address Knockcorrin) 14Feb1832 Witness: Ellen Leary & Mary Kane
1832 Martin Moynihan Md Ellen Brien (Address Beenatavawn) 27Feb1832 Witness: Patrick Brien & Maurice Moynihan
1842 Edmund Brien Born to Jeremiah Brien & Mary Lynch at Gloundaeigh, Sponsors: Patrick Brien & Eleanor Lynch
1871 Patrick Brien Born to Brian Brien & Ann Healy at Currow, 17Mar1871 Sponsors: John Hayes & Catherine Sullivan
1871 Patrick Brien Born to Denis Brien & Mary Somers at Dromroe,, 27Nov1871 Sponsors: John Brien & Catherine Somers

Ancestry:Mary Brien B1848-D1927 & David Scollard, Knockeen.

Mary Brien Scollard

Mary Brien Scollard B1848-D1927 Knockeen

Mary Brien, a daughter of only child Charles Brien and GL-1 Ellen Fleming at Beenatavaun (Beentavane), married David Scollard on 21Feb1871 at Killeentierna parish Church. The marriage was witnessed by a William Scollard and a Patrick Brie. The address was listed as Knockeen Castleisland.

David & Mary Scollard had the following Children:
1) Mary Ann, (Knockeen) Lived Castleisland
B23Nov1871 Sponsors: Charles Brien & Johanna Scollard, Rev J. O. Sullivan
2) Helen 'Ellen' (Knockeen)    Md  W O'Connor Castleisland
B11Mar1874 Sponsors: Andrew Fleming & Joanna Scollard, Rev J. Power
3) Katherine 'Kitty' (Knockeen)    Md O'Shea (Boston)
B27Mar1875 Sponsors: Daniel & Catherine Healy, Rev H.Riordan
4) Johanna 'Jo' (Knockeen)    Md Maurice Woulfe, Knockeen Homestead.
B12Mar1877 Sponsors: David O'Brien & Hanora Scollard, Rev H.O'Riordan
5) Margaret Mary 'Peg'  (Knockeen)      Md Foley
B30May1879 Sponsors: Elizabeth Scollard & John O'Connor, Rev J. O'Connell
6) William  (Knockeen)       
B05Sep1880 Sponsors: David Scollard & Catherine Healy, Rev J. O'Connell.


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This is the Woulfe/Scollard Family Tree. Kindly shared by Tom Woulfe, Knockeen Castleisland. From Curracity locality, Killeentierna, Ellen Fleming was born to a GL-2 David Fleming at Currow. Her brother was GL-1 John Fleming who married Mary Nolan. The Flemings at Curracity/Farrankeal/Tobermaing are among the descendants of this GL-1 John Fleming and Mary Nolan. It is considered GL-1 John Fleming and Mary Nolan lived at Curraross. GL-1 Ellen Fleming married Charles Brien of Beenatavaun. They lived there. Their daughter, Mary married David Scollard Knockeen. A daughter of David & Mary Scollard (Nee Brien), Johanna married Maurice Woulfe. They lived at Knockeen, Castleisland. The Woulfe family tree is attached above.
Nor sure if this MARY WOULFE is a relation? Click HERE:

Brien - Woulfe - Scollard Family Tree

Brien Family Tree;

Casey/Healy Ancestral Book. Ellen Fleming married into Beenatavaun to Charles Brien in 1838.

Casey/Healy Book

In Appreciation...
Sincere thanks to Elaine M Casey & Kathleen Casey Aponick (Both Massachusetts) for researching and compiling this magnificent Book:
The Full BOOK Click HERE 'The Family OF Edmond R. Casey and Mary J. Healy and The Families of Their Siblings'.
Charles Brien & Ellen Fleming ancestral aspect: Click HERE.
Thanks also to The Late Angela Healy Kelly Castleisland, for sourcing this magnificent Book and finally, thanks to Thomas Woulfe, Knockeen for sharing this book and its contents. This Book contains incredible research on families of the Beenatavaun locality. For the Flemings Curracity/Farrankeal/Curraross likewise, this Book adds valuable aspects to their Fleming Ancestry and for that we are very thankful to all those named above.

Ellen Fleming married an only child Charles Brien in 1838 and they lived at Beenatavaun. Charles was the son of Patrick Brien of Castlemaine and Mary Horan of Beenatavaun who also lived at Beenatavaun. The Ancestral detail for the O'Brien/Ellen Fleming descendants is contained in this lovely BOOK Click HERE . 'Mary Brien Scollard' was a daughter of Ellen and Charles Brien. She married David Scollard at Knockeen. Johanna Scollard was a daughter of Mary Brien and David Scollard and Johanna married Maurice Woulfe at Knockeen. Thomas Woulfe is a descendant of Johanna Scollard Woulfe. Thanks to Thomas for sharing this book.

Click HERE or on the Image to read more on the Brien/Fleming Family Tree.

Eleanor , Eleanora or 'Ellen' Fleming was a sibling to GL-1 John Fleming who married Mary Nolan. It is considered for the moment that they lived at Curraross.  The father to GL-1 John, GL-1 Ellen and the other GL-1 Fleming siblings was a GL-2 David Fleming. GL-2 David Fleming's Family Tree is on the Fleming Family Page. Click Here to see that GL-2 Family Tree. The Family Tree for GL-1 John and Mary 'Nolan' Fleming is also on the Fleming Family Page.

As was the case back in those times, communities and neighbours were invariably very close and interdependent. People relied upon each other. It was no different around Cnocaun (Knockaun), Curraross, Curracity and Beenativaun. The Flemings were particularly close with Families from the locality, especially the Family of Brien (Beenativaun) and the Family of Crean (Farrankeal). Read about the Brien Family who lived at Beenativaun and the Crean Family at Farrankeal.

William Brien (B1910&D1994) Beenativaun wrote a lovely compilation 'Memories of a Kerry Boyhood' about the way of life when he was growing up in that locality around Currow Hill. It depicts the people of that locality and the way of life back then. A fabulous read.

Read William Brien's compilation Click HERE: 'Memories of a Kerry Boyhood'

Extract from William Brien's compilation: P10 ‘’My grandmother used to relate that during the great influenza epidemic following the Great War, a young woman in Knockbee of the name of O Rourke died of the disease and the neighbours were so scared of catching the dreaded flu that nobody would enter the cabin and coffin the young lady or in any way help the family to bury the deceased. When Mick Pats heard of their plight he hastened to their aid. Securing a coffin, he entered the humble home boldly, placing the body in the coffin he took charge of events and saw to it that the young girl had a decent Christian burial. As ever luck favours the brave and during the time the epidemic lasted, he never fell victim to it.’’

Healy Somers Brien Family Ancestry;



Daniel & Catherine Brien Healy

Daniel & Catherine Brien Healy


Catherine Brien Healy was a sister to Mary Brien Scollard.

Both were daughters of  Charles Brien and Ellen Fleming (Curraross). They lived at Beenatavaun.

Catherine married Daniel Healy. Picture is of both Daniel and Catherine Brien Healy.
They lived at BallyMacElligott.
Daniel's parents were John Healy Currow and Mary Somers from Curraross. Their Family Tree HERE.

Read more on the Healy Family Ancestry HERE.


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