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Updated October 2023

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This FKAncestry.com site is sectioned into five categories with a separate, unique HOME page at the beginning.
There is a navigation menu at the top of each page.

The five Website subject menu categories are as follows:

  • Family Names, 
  • Census,
  • Griffiths & Tithes,
  • Documentation,
  • Gallery.

Each category is organised again into four sub-sections reflecting the primary family names as follows:

  • Costello, Kilsarcan, Shanawillen, Castleisland, Dublin....
  • Fleming, - Killeentierna, Curraross, Curracity, Farrankeal, Tobermaing....
  • O’Leary, - Mount Scartaglin, Gortloss, Washington USA....
  • O'Connor - Dromultan...

Each primary family name is again sub-divided individually to reflect the unique associated family names that attach to each primary family names as follows:

  • Costello: Crowley (Mountfalvey) & McCarthy...
  • Fleming: O'Connor (Farrandoctor Currans/Cordal), Daly ((1)Kilsarcan, (2)Kilcummin & Killeentierna) , Leane/Lane (Fahaduff) & Russell (Curracity)...
  • O’Leary: Scanlon (Brosna), Kerins (Knockrour), O'Keeffe (Ballydesmond)...
  • O'Connor Dromultan: O'Keeffe (Ballydesmond), Brosnan (Cluin & Kilquane), Browne (Mullin)...

For example: if you seek to navigate to Family O'Keeffe, navigate under O’Leary to get to O'Keeffe.
(O'Keeffe could equally be housed in the O'Connor Dromultan section – but fits in the O’Leary section for now)

Some family names are not listed in the navigation menu but can be accessed by name-relation association.
McCarthy Breahig will be listed under the O'Connor Dromultan section.
McCarthy Gurtloss will be listed under the O’Leary section.
Scanlon Woodlands is linked from the O’Leary section and also accessed from both the O'Connor Dromultan and the O'Connor Currans/Cordal sections.

Click on the family tree diagrams to enlarge and read your respective diagram.

GUIDELINES to help  understand Ancestral  Charts:

  • D DD DOD Death, Date of Death eg D05/10/1898 DOD05/11/1898
  • B DB DOB Born, Birth Date eg B1895 DOB1895
  • DOM Md  Md14/05/1898 Date of Marriage
  • GL   GL-4, GL-3, GL-2, GL-1, GL0, GL1, GL2, GL3, Etc …  GL stands for Generation Level. (GL- Minus is older times. GL2 GL3 GL4 …. More recent times)
  • Witness Wit Wt  Marriage Sponsor Witnesses
  • Sponsor Sp Baptismal Sponsors
  • NR No Records available
  • DC  Death Cert
  • BC  Date of Birth on Birth Cert
  • CB  Census Derived Birth Date from AGE data.

Any questions or suggestions please make contact through the Contact Form on the HOME Page. Thank you.

  • The Road 'Up To Mount' At Scartaglin.
  • High Level Fleming Farrankeal Family Tree