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We are constantly revising & updating pages with new research material - So do check back on original material in case new information has become available. If anybody has any reasonable concerns regarding any particular content on this website, please advise accordingly. Contact us by completing the CONTACT FORM on the Home Page and action will immediately be taken to appropriately amend or delete that content. Thank you.

  1.  Lots & Lots more additional exciting New Ancestral Material to add to this website. Intention was to add the material & documents/pictures this winter - unfortunately this did not happen. So ASAP I will update and advise accordingly.
  2. Fleming Family - Updated Fleming MOB High Level Ancestral Chart - Thanks to Jim & Mary Ellen Fleming Minnesota for sharing some of their extensive Ancestral Material on Jim's Ancestral line: i.e. Thomas and Ellen Morris Fleming & Family Dromulton. We have added to the Fleming Ancestry & Charts with this lovely and informative material, alot of which is new to Truly fantastic research.
    A flavour on the Fleming Ancestral Family Page & lots more to come ...
  3. Fleming Family Updated Chart for Thomas Md Ellen Morris...
  4. O'Leary Mount - Updated Hi-Level O'Leary Family Ancestry with Genealogy updates sourced ...  Extract from ‘Genealogies Of Old Kilcummin & Adjacent Places’ Pg38 William O'Connor was m. to Elizabeth Brown of N. Kerry and came to live at Tureenamult... Daughter Mary Md William Leary Scartaglin ...
  5. Updated new Griffiths Valuation Books & Griffiths Valuation Revision Books GVRB for Family Daly & Family Browne
  6. Daly Family Lyre Ancestral Analysis Page 
  7. Added to Daly Fan Chart.
  8. Adding to Daly Ancestry. Lovely MAPS, with thanks to young Jack Burke, Mount Merrion.
  9. Adding to Daly Kilcummin & Killeentierna (Rosanean & Lyre) with new material.
  10. Also added to Homepage with New Book O'Connor Moffatt & Co & Daly Lyre Material. More to come ...
  11. Updated Fleming Ancestry for Curraross for GL-1 John Senior and his Sons Gl0 John, GL0 Michael and GL0 Patrick. Fabulous material.
  12. The Achievements of some of our Ancestors in our Locality. Click HERE.
  13. Added to Fleming Curracity. New details on Margaret Sr Francis. We had no information on Sister Francis until now. Also regarding Sibling Ellen Fleming. Two Fleming siblings married two O'Connor siblings Farranbrack in what appears an arranged marriage swap. The swap of the 'Ellens'.
  14. Added to Fleming Curracity. New details on Maurice who Md Ellen Connor Farranbrack. The entire family  moved to NY in 1926. Maurice was a Shopkeeper at Castleisland.
  15. O'Connor Currans/Cordal page:
    Thanks to Bruce Allen Kopytek, AIA NCARB, Architect San Francisco for sharing some fabulous material regarding the History of the Architecture and Department Buildings of the Establishment of O'Connor Moffatt & Company Limited. The Establishment of O'Connor Moffatt & Co was the biggest Dry Goods Store in California at that time. The architecture and scale of their Department Stores was fantastic. Bruce has compiled an excellent blog website named 'The Department Store Museum'. In his fabulous Blog he details and assesses the Architecture regarding many department stores across the USA including an incredibly detailed section regarding those department stores of Bryan O'Connor of O'Connor Moffatt and Co Ltd. We will be sharing Bruce's fantastic work in more detail here soon!! Thank you Bruce!
  16. Records & MAPs Updated Tithes/Griffiths Valuation & Griffiths Revision Records for Family O'Connor.
  17. Updated GL0 Fleming Family Ancestry: GL0 David Fleming & Catherine O’Connor (Farran), Lived Curracity.
  18. Updated Ancestral Data on Maurice Paddy O'Connor with thanks to information from descendant Peter O'Connor NZ.
  19. Griffiths Revision Records & MAPs relating to Flemings at Curraross, Currabanefield, Curracity, Curracnocaun, Farrankeal and Tobermaing in Castleisland.
  20. Thanks to John Reidy Dromulton - adding to the Family Kerin Ancestry. Again, lots of new connections linking the Kerin name - including Bridget Leary, a sister of GL2 Jeremiah O'Leary who married Ellen Kerin who was Bridget's sister. Jeremiah and Ellen lived at Mount Scartaglin and raised 11 children there. Bridget Leary married Cornelius Kerin. So a Kerin sister & brother married a Leary brother & sister. A 'Swap!'. Presently compiling the extended O'Leary ancestral detail from 1750 until 1900. Some great background on GL1 Jeremiah's sibling: GL1 William O'Leary and his son Michael. The story leads to link in the dreaded Jeremiah Gaffney who was a Free State Trooper from Dublin operating around Scartaglin. All Coming Soon!
  21. Adding to our Fleming Ancestry courtesy of Mick Fleming's fantastic research work, fantastic Ancestral Charts, maps & other documents.
    Lots of links established to Fleming Families in Kerry - all appear to originate from Michael Fleming from Blarney/Ballyhennesy (Michael Of Blarney MOB) and born circa 1850.
    MOB married a McCarthy lady in Killeentierna and farmed and reared a family there.
  22. The Old Kilcummin Cemetery Survey Project
  23. Garrett Fleming (1748-1812) late of Ballyhennesy and buried at Kilcummin with a grand headstone. Is this Garrett from Ballyhennesy the first of our recorded ancestors?
    And what is Garrett's connection to the Curraross/Curracity Flemings??
  24. Read about John Murphy, Castleisland and The Butter Road. (Document by Jack Lane & Aubane Historical Society).
  25. Fleming Family Page updated. Going back to 1730 & Blarney Co Cork.
  26. May 2016. Details Fleming Family Burial Plot - Old Cemetery Kilcummin.
  27. May 2016. Added Ancestry from Casey-Healy Book - Valuable information on Brien Beenatavaun, Healy Curraross, Fleming Killeentierna. Read the full Book.
  28. May 2016. Check out the Book page. Click HERE. Many lovely Books containing our Ancestral details.
  29. Mar 2016. Fleming Family Ancestry progressing. Book 'Genealogies of Old Kilcummin Parishes and Adjoining Parishes'' by John Lyne & Padraig Pleimionn. The Butter Run & Michael Fleming Md Mac Carthy Killeentierna in 1775...6 boys in their family ...
  30. Jan 2016. Brien Family Ancestry Beenatavaun. In Fleming Family Section.
  31. Jan 2016. Obituaries & Graveyard & Headstones in the Documentation Section.
  32. Jan 2016. Updated Jack-Bill Costello Children Ancestry - A page for each Sibling -
  33. Jan 2016. Updated Brien Beenateevaun Ancestry in Fleming Family section.
  34. Jan 2016. Added GL1 Grand David O'Connor & Johanna O'Connor-Dromulton Family Tree Diagram.
  35. Jan 2016. Added Family Tree Diagrams for Fleming Family. GL-2 David Fleming and GL-1 John Fleming & Mary Nolan.
  36. Dec 2015. Added Family Tree Diagrams for Humphrey O'Leary B1855 and his Son Jerh Free.
  37. Nov 2015. Added Jim O'Connor's Book: Legends Of Scartaglin - To Home Page.
  38. Nov 2015. O'Connor Currans/Cordal Documents to include PDF Doc ''Lineal Descent O'Connors'' Roscommon.
  39. Nov 2015. Updated links to the Bill Johan's Blennerhassett Family Tree. Ancestry contains O'Connor, Coolnageragh, Scartaglin.
  40. Oct-2015. A fabulous lady - Marie Eneim O'Leary sadly passed this month. Refer to Jerry O'Leary section on William O'Leary's page for Maria's material. May Maria RIP.
  41. Oct-2015. We have added neat material on the O'Connor Family recently. Daniel Paddy who immigrated to NZ with his 13 and Mary Behane's 12 children. See the O'Connor Currans/Cordal section and Towsey Tales for the updates.
  42. Working on Scanlon Woodlands and NZ.

What’s NEXT on

  1. Adding to Daly Kilcummin & Killeentierna.
  2. Add to Fleming Ancestry.
  3. Add to O'Leary Ancestry - Era from 1750-1900.
  4. Mick Fleming from Bishopstown Cork & originally from Curracity Kerry displayed his Fleming Ancestral Research work recently at a Family Gathering in Killarney.
    We have added some of Micks material. We hope to be able to add to  Mick's fantastic research  here soon.
  5. Behane Sisters Lixnaw - information seek.
  6. O'Connor Dromulton - Additional Info Seek
  7. Working on the Scanlons, Woodlands and NZ with the kind help and valuable information provided by Paddy Franklin NZ.
  8. Fleming Curracity/Farrankeal/Curraross & O'Keeffe Ballydesmond Family Trees